About Me


Michael Lee Smith is a Punatic (a happy, harmless lunatic living in the Puna District of the Big Island, Hawaii.) He’s a musician

& writer, owner of a vacation retreat (Hangin’ Loose Vacation Retreat & Botanical Gardens -- www.hanginloose.com) who

enjoys life with his wife (Jan the Nurse), 3 dogs, 1 cat, 2 parrots, numerous chickens & fish.

Writing credentials? What you’re reading.  His ancestors scratched crude communication on cave walls with

sharpened sticks. Beyond that, short stories & essays published in several literary magazines & e-zines.

Special thanks to Peggy Fielding, Jackie King, Carol Johnson & the gals from the Round Table.


Where to find Michael Lee Smith online: www.punatic.com

Michael & Jan

Where we live.    

Michael @ church/therapy (the Sunday afternoon drum circle at Kehena Beach)  Yippie!

Tom Robbins writes my Bibles. 

My conspiracy  theory